Lash Educators Course

Lash Educators Course

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LBK LASHES LBK LASHES Training Lash Educators Course

 Level up to the highest standards in the lash industry with Kins' Lash Educators Course! This comprehensive course encompasses the exact LBK Educators curriculum developed for in-person sessions. With this course, you can train others at the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Bring your lash game up to LBK level with this elite course! This course will equip you with industry-leading knowledge and skills to propel you to the top tier of the lash industry. With this knowledge, you'll be able to pass these skills on to others and ensure that the world of lashes is offering the highest quality services.

In our Educators course, you'll access the LBK Educators curriculum that Kins has judiciously created for all her personal instruction sessions. This thorough course will empower you to teach other trainees with proficiency and profound understanding of the lash sector according to the most elevated standards! You'll grasp precisely how to direct an impeccable lash training at LBK standards! 


2 Day private class in San Clemente, CA

10am-2pm Days


whats included:

  • learn how to do a complete in person training for the following LBK techniques:

classic & volume 

    • Learn LBK signature techniques & how to teach them
    • How to run a classic & volume training start to finish 
    • Product knowledge on full LBK training kit products 
    • LBK Educators certificate 
    • LBK Educators curriculum PDF to use in future training
    • 20% LBK product discount for a lifetime
    • Training scheduling & pricing according to LBK standards 

Financing is available with afterpay or shoppay, you must select pay in full for financing option. If you choose deposit the balance is due 24hrs before your class, we accept all major credit cards, cash or debit cards for balance.