3 Considerations When a Choosing Lash Extension Certification Program

Beauty is a million-dollar industry, so consumers must wade through a million options as well. When wanting eyelashes with volume, clients need someone they can trust. Clients need a pro who not only understands the fine details of applying eyelash extensions but who can also select quality supplies, care about their health and hygiene, and consistently deliver glamorous results.

The one element that separates a lash tech from a lash artist is comprehensive training. So if you want to become a trusted professional for lash extensions, you need lash extension certification, but just like anything in the beauty industry, not all certifications offer the professional guidance you need. However, if you’re serious about elevating your skills and transforming from a lash tech to a lash artist, this post gives you the top considerations that help you narrow down your choices.

1. Comprehensive Training Coverage

Not every state requires a lash artist to be a licensed cosmetologist or aesthetician, which means you may be starting with no knowledge of some of the basics that you need to be a successful professional. Even if you’ve been to cosmetology school, the details and advanced techniques of lash extensions are not covered comprehensively.

While the process for applying lash extensions may seem simple, you are doing more than adding lashes. You’re assessing your client’s needs, taking precautions for hygiene and safety, employing good business practices, and more. So a well-rounded training program for lash extension certification is an essential consideration. Be sure the training program includes:

  • The basics: Any competent training program needs to include the basics. So select a program that includes elements, such as expert use of products and tools, techniques, lash care, and proper aftercare.
  • Health and safety procedures: When you’re dealing with someone’s eyes, using safety and hygiene best practices is a must. Not only should you learn how best to protect the health of your client, but you should also learn how to check for ways to detect and prevent reactions to your products and supplies. The best training courses go beyond the basics and offer information that covers advanced concepts for sensitivity, reactions, and other health and safety considerations.
  • Theory and anatomy: Of course, you know what your eyelashes are and where to find them, but you probably have no idea how they grow and how that affects placement. Understanding volume theory and how that impacts lash placement as well as learning each part of a lash’s anatomy allows you to offer the most professional and knowledgeable service possible.
  • Advanced concepts: While training in the basics is essential, what makes you stand apart from other lash artists are the advanced concepts that develop you into a true professional for lash extensions. A comprehensive program takes you beyond the basics in every category to give you advanced knowledge about application techniques; placement and care; lash volume, curl, and length; and offers advanced mapping and styling techniques so you can customize the look for every client. You learn more than creating perfect needle fans by learning advanced fanning techniques as well.
  • Best business practices: Whether you went to cosmetology school or not, the best programs provide you with concepts that cover how to care for clients that are specific to lash extension services. From consultations and prepping before appointments to client retention and care, the best lash extension certification programs cover all the information you need to take care of your clients from beginning to end.

2. Training at Your Own Pace

Whether you’re new to lash extensions or just want to refresh and elevate your techniques, you need a course designed with you in mind. Training programs that can be done from the comfort of your home are a must so that you can comfortably study and learn at your own pace.

So when you’re checking out lash extension training courses, look for ones that can be done at home, and narrow down your search to video training that allows you control over the pace. When adding volume to lashes, details determine your success. You need to be able to watch the process and each detail as often as you need.

You don’t want a program that doesn’t allow you to pause to take notes, rewind to watch a technique again, or replay multiple times. You need to learn every fine detail, and a video training course that gives you control over playback allows you to absorb all the information you need to become a lash artist.

3. Access to Bonuses

When you enroll in a lash extension course, you’ll be ready to go when you’ve completed your certification, but you may have questions or want supplies right away to get started. So look for certification programs that give you access to bonuses. Sometimes you may pay extra for a nicer training package, but if you can get bonuses in addition to comprehensive training at your own pace, the extras are worth it. Look for training courses that provide:

  • Discounts: Product discounts can help you get started right away and allow you to buy high-quality supplies that will benefit your clients the most.
  • Starter kits: If you can find a program that includes a starter kit, you can ensure that you get a curated kit that includes all the supplies you need to get started.
  • Mentoring: You are bound to have questions even after comprehensive training. So any program that offers mentoring by a lash artist is a real find. If you’re stuck on a technique, can’t quite get the same look, or just have questions about client care, a mentor has walked the same path as you and can be a huge help. Of all the bonuses, a mentor who is willing to share with you is huge.

Becoming a lash artist can be a rewarding career, but it involves more than just lash extension techniques. A true lash artist professional needs training, and using the best lash extension certification course can set you apart from your competition and make you a true value to your clients.

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