American Volume, Russian Volume, and Mega Volume: What You Need to Know

American Volume, Russian Volume, and Mega Volume: What You Need to Know

In the world of lashes, there are many different terms that you will hear on a regular basis. One that is continuously shared is the term volume, which you will often see used in different ways—sometimes accurately, and sometimes inaccurately. In this article, we are going to break down lash volume and the different types available.

What Do We Mean When We Say Volume?

Volume is a term that is applied to a lot of different lash styles, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing when you hear it used in different contexts. Volume can refer to the fullness of the lashes themselves, the type of lashes used, and the different techniques used to create a certain look.

Types of Volume and Volume Lash Techniques

There are different prominent types of volume that you will hear referenced in the lash world. These are not the only terms that will be used, but these are the more common terms that all have different meanings. Knowing these differences and what they imply is very important so you can provide your clients with the lashes that they are looking for.


In general, volume is a term that is used when we apply multiple lashes to one single eyelash. Generally, volume lashes will fall in the 0.03, 0.05 to 0.07 range. When applied to the natural lash, they create a visibly full appearance.


Russian Volume

Many people make the mistake of assuming that Russian Volume is just a term to imply significant volume in lashes. This actually is not the case. True Russian Volume lashes are made using a very specific technique that was first created in Russia.


Russian Volume lashes can have basic volume or Mega Volume. The real focus here is on the technique, which involves maintaining perfect symmetry across the lashes. This approach generally uses 3 or more lashes that are longer than the natural lash. These lashes are made to offer uniform fans that create a perfectly consistent and bold look.

American Volume

American Volume is an approach to creating volume that is much more relaxed and easy to do. However, there is still a clear technique in place here. With American Volume, you can pick up, fan, and pinch the lashes. While Russian Volume is bold and even, American Volume offers more of a casual fullness and is not so strict on technique. 

Mega Volume

Mega volume is an approach that offers bold and vibrant lashes—and it can be applied using the American or Russian Volume technique. It is often made using 0.03 lashes, allowing your lash artist to create mega fans. These lashes can have up to 16 extensions on each individual natural lash, giving incredible volume that is impossible to miss.

The Takeaway

There is something to love in all of the different volume styles available with lashes. Knowing these differences and what they mean for appearance and maintenance can help you to make an informed decision—and help you to give your clients the beautiful lashes that they deserve. To learn more, download the lash bible e-book or sign up for one of our private, group, or online training sessions with Kins!

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