Lash Artist: Adding More Services To Increase Your Monthly Income

Lash artists have a unique skill set that allows them to enhance their clients' natural beauty through lash extensions. However, to maximize their earning potential, lash artists can offer additional services like brow lamination, lash lifts, and tints. These services can complement a lash extension business, as they require similar skill sets and equipment. In this blog, we will explore how lash artists can add these services to increase their monthly income.



Brow lamination is a relatively new service that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a process that involves restructuring brow hairs to create a fuller, more defined shape. Brow lamination uses a similar technique to lash lifting, where the hairs are lifted and set in place using a special solution. The process can take up to an hour and can last for up to eight weeks. Lash artists can add brow lamination to their service menu by investing in the necessary equipment and training.

To add brow lamination to your business, you will need a lamination kit that includes a perm solution, setting lotion, and nourishing oil. Additionally, you will need disposable spoolies, cotton pads, and a brow brush. It is essential to receive proper training before performing the service on clients. Many lash training academies offer brow lamination courses, and some kits may come with instructional videos or manuals.

Adding brow lamination to your service menu can attract new clients and increase revenue. Clients who regularly get lash extensions are likely to be interested in brow lamination, as it complements their enhanced lashes. Additionally, brow lamination is a popular service for those who have sparse or unruly brows and want a more defined shape without the need for daily maintenance.

Another service lash artists can offer is lash lifts and tints. Lash lifts are similar to lash extensions but involve lifting the natural lashes instead of adding false lashes. The process uses a lifting solution and a silicone rod to curl the lashes upward, creating the illusion of longer and fuller lashes. Tinting is a process that involves adding a semi-permanent dye to the lashes to darken them. These services can last for up to six weeks and can be a more affordable alternative to lash extensions.

To add lash lifts and tints to your service menu, you will need a lifting kit that includes a lifting solution, neutralizer, and adhesive. You will also need silicone rods in different sizes, disposable applicators, and lash tinting supplies. Like brow lamination, it is important to receive proper training before performing these services on clients.

Offering lash lifts and tints can attract clients who are interested in enhancing their natural lashes without the need for extensions. It is also a great option for those who may be allergic to lash extension adhesive or cannot tolerate the maintenance required for lash extensions. Clients who regularly get lash extensions may also be interested in lash lifts and tints in between their extension appointments to maintain the look.

In conclusion, lash artists can increase their monthly income by adding services like brow lamination, lash lifts, and tints to their service menu. These services require similar skill sets and equipment as lash extensions and can attract new clients and provide additional revenue streams. Proper training and investment in equipment are necessary to provide high-quality services and ensure client satisfaction. By expanding their service offerings, lash artists can elevate their business and meet the needs of a diverse range of clients.

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