Lash Extension Supplies: Creating a Complete Kit

Lash Extension Supplies: Creating a Complete Kit

The very best lash artists know that you have to be prepared for anything with every client. So building a comprehensive kit for extension supplies takes some careful consideration and planning. Not only do you want to have essential products on hand, but you also want to be sure you have the right tools for a professional application of lash extensions.

If you want to make sure you have the best products available at your client’s request and the best tools so that you can work those extensions like a pro, you need to consider every part of the lash extension process, from the consultation and prep work to application and aftercare. So this post walks you through all you need to know to build the ultimate lash extension supplies kit.

How to Build the Ultimate Kit of Lash Extension Supplies 


Although lash extensions are the stars of the show, you have a lot of supplies that play an important supporting role, and the bulk of your kit will contain your lash extension supplies for the application process.

When you do your consultation, you will need your supplies close at hand so that your client can see your array of lashes, but it’s also a nice touch to discuss a few other supplies that showcase the complete care you have to offer. You may even want to stock some supplies in bulk so your clients can purchase them for personal use.

While each type of supply may have several different types to choose from, this list gets you started with what you need to make the best choice for your experience level. Be sure to include:

  • Make-up remover wipes: When your client is ready for the application process to begin, you need to prep the area properly, so be sure your lash supplies kit includes hypoallergenic wipes. Select wipes that can remove makeup as well as leftover adhesive, and be sure to use wipes that can be used with or without extensions. These are the kind of supplies you’ll want in bulk so that customers can purchase them for home use and aftercare.
  • Adhesives: Every lash artist needs adhesives to work with, but you have so many to choose from that it can make you wonder if you need them all. As a general rule, the one you select should match your experience level. The faster the adhesive dries, the more experienced you should be to avoid losing time for necessary adjustments.
  • Glue flower cups: You can keep your glue fresher for longer because these cups keep the adhesive from being exposed to so much air because of tiny holes in their design. Your glue doesn’t dry out as quickly, and the cups are reusable.
  • Curing solution: If you have trouble with humidity or conditions in your work environment are constantly changing, which makes your adhesive times inconsistent, a curing solution can help to speed things up.
  • Glue balm: You can use this balm as an alternative to adhesives for lash and brow lifts. Like lip balm, it glides on easily and doesn’t dry out with flaky residue. Use as an alternative, not in addition to, adhesives.
  • Lash extensions: A substantial array of lashes makes any lash supplies kit complete. The only way to go wrong with this supply is to have too little or not much variety. Know your clients but also know what looks are trending. Keep the most popular looks in large supply, but also have other styles readily available in case you get a new client or a client wants a change.
  • Lash bonder: To create a luxurious look and a super bond, our lash bonder nourishes from the outside in while our adhesives dry from the inside out to seal in your client’s new look.
  • Precut eyelid tape: When it comes to different tapes you should include, be sure to always have precut eyelid tape on hand. Although you can get uncut eyelid tape to lift your clients’ inner and outer corners, precut tape allows you to be more efficient because you don’t have to cut the tape to the perfect size. Instead, you just peel it off and apply it with tweezers. Precut tape also adds a polished and professional tone to your application process.
  • Eye pads: Stocking your kit with plenty of nonslip eye pads makes application even easier. With eye pads made to fit any eye regardless of shape, you don’t have to shuffle through your supplies or constantly adjust a slipping pad.
  • Paper tape: If you have eye pads that slip or you prefer taping down lower lashes, breathable paper tape provides a nice alternative to foam eye pads.
  • Tweezers: Tweezers are a lot like lashes—you need a wide variety to ensure you can perform all the tasks necessary for a professional application from precise isolation to creating perfect volume fans, be sure to add 35-degree, 45-degree, and 90-degree angled tweezers to your kit as well as classic straight tweezers. 
  • Aftercare products: Show your clients that you offer a complete package by having an ample supply of aftercare products that keep their natural lashes healthy and that don’t compromise the longevity of their extensions. From makeup remover wipes to lash serums, you can show clients how best to care for their extensions between visits. Your clients trust you with their lashes, so the extra mile at the end of their appointment. Giving them a solid understanding of best practices for extension care underscores your expertise, and offering products they can purchase helps to maximize the service you just provided.

After you complete your certification, a well-stocked kit of lash extension supplies makes a great next step. You can promote your business and care for clients like a pro when you select a wide range of high-quality supplies. While your choices seem unlimited, opting for a certification course that offers an upgrade that contains a starter kit can set you up for success by giving you some great, high-quality basics to start with. Then you can build a comprehensive kit that contains everything you need to service your clients from consultation to aftercare.

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