Learn How to Build a 7-Figure Beauty Business with the LBK Business Coaching and Mentoring Program

Are you entering or growing in the beauty industry as a lash artist and wondering how you can turn your passions into a 7-figure beauty business? We’ve been there! You have a growing business and want to make it into a reliable income stream and an incredible investment—you just need to learn how. With Kins as your dedicated business coach, you can turn your standard lash artist income into growing annual revenue for your business!

What is the LBK Business Coaching and Mentoring Program?

The LBK Business Coaching and Mentoring Program is a 2-day virtual coaching program for beauty business owners who are looking to scale and grow their businesses while influencing the beauty industry for the better. We are here to help you build confidence, gain skills, and turn your goals into reality so you can achieve financial freedom and be your own boss.


The LBK Business Coaching and Mentoring Program Offers Two Sessions:

How to Build and Scale Your Business
Financials, Cash Management, and Investing

Benefits of the Program

Our program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to create a thriving beauty business, but this is only one of the benefits that come with it. When you sign up with us, you have everything to gain and more!

1x1 Private Mentoring

The Business Coaching and Mentoring Program offers completely private 1x1 tutoring between you and Kins–a lash artist who has built and scaled her business to 7 figures in less than two years. This means that you can receive complete focus, ask any necessary questions, and receive an experience that is tailored to your educational style.

Scale Your Business

In this program, we are going to focus on what you can do to turn that standard lash artist income into a 7-figure beauty business. With these monetary goals in place, you can achieve financial freedom and build generational wealth. We will give you the information that you need to build a winning strategy to help your business scale, allowing you to grow your brand to your heart’s content!

Increase Revenue and Grow Revenue Streams

Modern businesses have multiple revenue streams and revenue numbers that increase year over year. Kins will work with you directly to learn how to invest and earn more money through various beauty services. Being a lash artist is only step one!

Lifetime Mentoring Resources

The dedicated virtual coaching only lasts two days, but the benefits are forever. With this program, you will receive lifetime mentoring with Kins, including two calls a year, access to a dedicated accounting team, and 30% off LBK for life!

Protect Your Brand

Growing a business is about more than brand awareness and increased revenue. During your mentorship, you will also learn about lawyers, attorneys, and financial tools to ensure that your brand is completely protected every step of the way. We help you grow your wealth and protect it too.

The Takeaway

Building your own beauty empire is possible, and it gets a lot easier when you work with people who know how to do it. The LBK Business Coaching and Mentorship Program is dedicated to helping the very best in the beauty industry to thrive. This is more than just lash mentoring—it is the tools that you need to generate the income that you deserve. Together, we can help you to build the business of your dreams and make money doing it. To get started, sign up for your sessions today!