The Real Difference Between Easy Fan Lashes and Regular Volume Lashes

The Real Difference Between Easy Fan Lashes and Regular Volume Lashes

New products are always being introduced to the lash industry that make it easier for lash artists to work. Some of these products are amazing, and some of them don’t quite live up to the hype. Easy fan lashes are one product with mixed reviews, leading many to wonder what the difference is with these lashes and whether or not they are worth the investment. In this article, we will break down the differences between easy fan lashes and their traditional counterparts.

What Are Easy Fan Lashes?

Easy fan lashes are lashes that are made to make lash application easier and faster. These lashes allow you to speed up your process by including existing glue right at the base. In many cases, these lashes also include multiple layers as opposed to just a singular layer. These lashes line up with regular volume lashes in several ways, allowing you to fan and pinch the base to create the perfect look. In recent years, easy fan lashes have also seen a huge quality boost, making them an even more appealing option.

What Are Regular Volume Lashes?

Regular volume lashes are the original lashes. They often come with a single layer of lashes, making it easy to create a crisp and beautiful look. However, these lashes do require more care while you work and can take slightly longer to apply.

How Do They Differ?

Both easy fan lashes and regular volume lashes look amazing, but there are some differences that these lash types bring. Understanding these differences will help you to make sure that

you are choosing the right product for your work.

Different Bases

With easy fan lashes, there is an adhesive that goes on the bottom of the strip that bonds the bases together, so when you remove it from the strip, it doesn’t fall apart. A good brand will have very thin glue so it doesn’t add extra glue or weight when you are adhering it. With easy fan lashes, quality is key–and you will feel the difference.

General Education

Regular volume lashes have been around for quite some time, leading more artists to know how to use them. Unfortunately, it is a common assumption that anyone can just pick up easy fan lashes and work with them with little to no training–this is not a good idea.


Using easy fan lashes requires training, just like other lash types, and many of the rumors surrounding these lashes are caused by a lack of education mixed with low-quality products. The good news is that easy fan lashes are great for lash artists of all skill levels, including beginners who struggle with traditional alternatives.

Personal Preference

Some people love the convenience of easy fan lashes, and others prefer the traditional ones. If you gather up a room full of lash artists, you will likely see them fairly split between these different kinds of lashes. Remember, as long as you are educated on the products you use, you can always pick and choose what to use on a case-by-case basis. Knowledge is power!

The Takeaway

Every lash artist has their preferences, but as long as you choose quality lash supplies, you can’t go wrong. At LBK, we offer both regular volume and easy fan lashes that are made using high-quality materials and always look great as long as they are applied with care. To learn how to elevate your lash game and grow your business as a lash artist, check out our official training courses with Kins, where we cover how to use traditional and easy fan lashes!

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