The Best Stocking Stuffers for Lash Artists and Clients

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Lash Artists and Clients

The holiday season is here, and that means it is time to go shopping for gifts. Whether you are looking for presents for your favorite lash artist or you are a lash artist looking to show your clients a little extra love, you need the right presents to make it happen. Fortunately, lash accessories are often the perfect size for stocking stuffers! Let’s discuss how to bring your loved ones the best beauty accessories with this fun holiday gift guide!

Lash Lift Kit

Are you looking for a gift that fits in a stocking and has it all? Look no further than the LBK Lash Lift Kit! With this easy lash kit, you can give all of the essentials to enjoy curled lashes that last up to 8 weeks. One simple gift can be a surprisingly big investment. With our Lash Lift Kit, you get everything–cleansing materials, application materials, and maintenance tools too!

Naked Liner

Easy application is a key point of concern for lash experts and their clients–and nothing makes eyeliner application easier than Naked Liner. This one-of-a-kind liner is designed to adhere to any strip lash, and it is even safe for use with eyelash extensions. Designed to bring you bold eyeliner that matches your lashes, this is an instant favorite.


LBK Offers to Versions:

Liquid Naked Liner

Cleansing Wipes

Having perfect lashes requires a clean space to work, so it shouldn’t surprise you that cleansing wipes are a lash lover’s best friend. At LBK, we offer traditional make-up remover wipes and adhesive wipes to make caring for lashes easy.


Our makeup remover wipes offer a deep clean with a gentle touch and are completely safe to use with or without extensions. Our adhesive wipes, on the other hand, are made to help you keep your adhesive tools clean. With every wipe, you can remove excess adhesive from the tip of the bottle and clean up any spills with ease. Give the gift of cleanliness this holiday season!

Sealants and Adhesive

Everyone wants gorgeous lashes that look great and stay where they are supposed to–and this means that you need the right sealants and adhesives. Adhesives are necessary for attaching your beautiful lashes, but a sealant can protect them when everything is in place—and nourish them too. Combine both for the best results.


LBK Sealants and Adhesives Include:

The Lash Bible

Nothing leads to great lashes quite like quality education, and this is where the Lash Bible comes in. This year, give your favorite lash lovers all three parts of the Lash Bible so they can style and map their lashes the proper way for every occasion. With this guide, you can drastically improve anyone’s lash game!

Spread Beauty and Cheer this Holiday Season!

There are plenty of ways to show that you care, but lash lovers are just built differently. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for your favorite lash artist or for clients that are always on time–giving the gift of better lashes is always a great choice. To find more products and accessories for your favorite lash fans, explore LBK today!

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