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Beautiful lashes are just one appointment away when you work with the right lash artist, but the experience doesn’t end when the appointment is over. Anyone who wants to keep their lashes looking great after they walk out the door will need the right supplies to maintain their lashes in the days and weeks after their appointment. At LBK, we sell after care supplies that are perfect for helping you maintain your lashes with ease.

What Are LBK After Care Supplies?

LBK’s line of after care supplies is designed to help support beautiful lashes long after the appointment is over. When you use appropriate after care supplies, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is going to last. Our products help protect and preserve your lashes, so they can look great for longer between visits.

What Kind of After Care Supplies Does LBK Offer?

At LBK, we know that sitting through a lash appointment is the first part of an ongoing commitment to beauty. We also know that, without the right supplies, your lashes won’t last nearly as long as they can.


Our after care supplies are made to support different kinds of lashes by offering exactly what they need. From general care to subtle maintenance, our supplies support your lashes so they can keep looking amazing.


Our After Care Supplies Include:

The Importance of Great After Care and High-Quality Supplies

Most of us learn the hard way that lashes last for shorter periods of time when we don’t take care of them. In most cases, this is a problem that can really hit a person’s wallet. Unfortunately, it can also leave clients feeling down about how they spent their money.


At LBK, we offer after care supplies aimed at both professionals and their clients. We help you to give your clients the tools that they need to maintain their lashes until their next visit. With your guidance and the right supplies, your clients can enjoy your work for weeks to come.


The after care process is very important, but after care is more than cleaning your lashes. It also means choosing products that are actually designed to support lashes without damaging them. We provide high-quality care supplies to make maintenance easy.

The Real Benefit of LBK After Care Supplies

Makeup remover wipes and serums are easy enough to come by, so what makes LBK supplies the best ones to invest in? It all comes down to industry knowledge.


LBK is a company that doesn’t just make products for lash artists—we make them for ourselves. We know the frustration of dealing with low-quality products or products that really aren’t made for lashes specifically. Since we didn’t want to deal with it ourselves, we made products that are made for lash artists, not anyone else.

The LBK Difference

At LBK, we believe that there is nothing more important than improving the quality and integrity of the lash industry. For this reason, we are proud to offer lashes and accessories that meet the highest standards for quality and ease of use. As the perfect partner for our lashes, we also offer dedicated coaching and training so you can make sure that every purchase is put to good use and looks great on your clients. Our owner, Kins, is a professional lash artist with years of experience who only provides products and services that she is comfortable using herself.