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    LBK LASHES Shop Lashes By Kins LLC Premades Premade Lash Fans XL Tray 8D
    Premade Lash Fans XL Tray 8D
    $24.49 Club
    LBK LASHES Shop Lashes By Kins LLC Premades Premade Lash Fans XL Tray 10D
    LBK LASHES Shop Lashes By Kins LLC Premades Premade Lash Fans XL Tray 10D
    Premade Lash Fans XL Tray 10D
    $24.49 Club
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    LBK LASHES LBK LASHES Premades Pre Made Spikes XL Trays
    LBK LASHES LBK LASHES Premades Pre Made Spikes XL Trays
    Upgrade your lash game with our convenient and professional premade lash fans. Save time and effort with our pre-fanned lashes that are ready to apply in an instant. Choose from a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curls to create your perfect look. Shop now for premium-quality premade lash fans and enjoy fast shipping, easy returns, and unbeatable prices.
    What Are LBK Premade Lash Fans?
    LBK premades are volume fans that have already been assembled for you. With our premades, you can make the perfect set of lashes in a fraction of the time, making it a great way to speed up your work. We all know what that means—more clients and more money! These cost-effective premades are heat bonded and offer a style you won’t find anywhere else on the market.
    What Do LBK Premade Lash Fans Offer?
    Giving your clients that perfect look is about more than just your expertise and the right set of lashes. Your clients aren’t just looking for a standard lash look—they want something that helps their beauty to shine. With LBK premades, we offer four guaranteed benefits that your clients can count on.
    LBK Premade Lash Fans Include:
    The thinnest bases for beautiful style
    A rich, dark color that stands out
    A soft look and feel that makes them feel natural
    A strong curl that supports a perfect look every single day
    Types of LBK Premades
    Our LBK premades are heat bonded and cruelty-free, as well as vegan, allowing you to feel good about your investment. The best part? Clients love these features too! Currently, LBK offers four different types of premades.
    Types of Premade Lash Fans Include:
    Wispy Mixed 9D Premade Fans
    8D Premades XL Tray
    10D Premades XL Tray
    5D Premades Mixed XL Tray
    What Do LBK Premade Lash Fans Come With?
    At LBK, we know that it takes a lot of great lash fans to make a stylish look. With every order, you gain access to the following features:
    360 fans
    18 rows
    20 fans per row
    Why Should I Use LBK Premade Lash Fans?
    LBK premades are designed for any lash artist that is looking to speed up their work. With our premades, you can guarantee accuracy and speed, all while making your day better. Our premades cut down on time without compromising quality.
    As a lash artist, you know that time is money. With LBK premades, you can work a lot more quickly. Ultimately, this means that you can offer your amazing services to more clients. More clients mean that you can bring in more money and start working toward your very own 7-figure lash business!
    Choosing the Best LBK Premades
    Our premades are made in a variety of different styles to accommodate your needs. You can either choose directly by the number or opt for a combination of styles to meet the different needs of your clients. We encourage you to choose the best products for your comfort level and the interests of your clients. Our premades are here to help you give your clients luscious lashes that keep them coming back for more!
    The LBK Difference
    At LBK, we believe that there is nothing more important than improving the quality and integrity of the lash industry. For this reason, we are proud to offer lashes and accessories that meet the highest standards for quality and ease of use. As the perfect partner for our lashes, we also offer dedicated coaching and training so you can make sure that every purchase is put to good use and looks great on your clients. Our owner, Kins, is a professional lash artist with years of experience who only provides products and services that she is comfortable using herself.



    It was such a pleasure Kinsleigh! Not only was she so kind but extremely informative! She really helped me organize my business and come up with a game plan. Kinsleigh helped me get excited about my business all over again and gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level. I cannot wait to see the growth of my biz! Thank you Kinsleigh!

    Business Coaching Program

    Where to begin! Kins sets you up with a roadmap, cheat codes, the blueprint, whatever you want to call it! She is a catalyst for not only business growth, but as well as personal growth.

    I think it's important to note that when we learn a trade such as lashing, no one teaches you or really provides the guidance you need on how to properly scale a business. Kins gets you there with step by step on what you need as well as what you truly want out of the lash industry and more. She helps you set up goals, how to achieve them and prepares you for even bigger goals to come. However, keep in mind that your success only works if you do the work. Take her mentorship program and run with it! Her genuity and consistency is unmatched. She wants to see you grow and be even more successful. A true gem with everything you need. You will not be disappointed. xo Fran

    Franchesca Hernandez
    Business Coaching Program

    I've been following LBK for years! Watching her business grow from at home YouTube videos, to becoming a self made millionaire; it was a no brainer to sign up for this mentorship. She genuinely wants to see your business succeed and grow, giving you all the tools necessary. You definitely have to be willing to put in the work, but this step by step guide was just what I needed to push me in the right direction! I'm so excited for this new outlook on my business journey &

    mentorship through LBK!!

    Jackie C
    Business Coaching Program

    Amazing program full of knowledge in so many tips in fact, just one of these tips itself is worth the entire program price. I love the idea that the program provides not just all the knowledge you need to know for your business but also has an amazing team that you can work with as well and for the best price. ( Believe me, did my research. ) everything you need in one.

    Gabriela Jaramillo
    Business Coaching Program

    I'm normally hesitant when it comes to investing in mentorship programs however this was totally worth it. I had been following Kins for years and watched her build her brand from the ground up.

    From our first call I could tell that she was a very genuine person and truly desired to help others grow in the same way. She broke down all aspects of creating and managing a successful business and has continued to be present in my own business journey. I look forward to taking my business to the next level thanks to her coaching and ongoing support!

    Shanice Folias
    Business Coaching Program

    This mentor class will put you light years ahead with the knowledge needed for whoever and wherever you are in your business. As a fellow lash artist for 7 yrs I needed a step by step blueprint to align with my goals and dreams. Kins and her ongoing support has been encouraging and rewarding beyond words.

    Business Coaching Program

    Taking this Business Course was the BEST money spent! Kins was very professional each day. Why ask for business advice from someone that hasn't ran a successful business??? I took the class 1/3/23 & 1/4/23 and by following her advice, l'm already approved for multiple lines of business credit!!! You HAVE to do the work if you want the results! She will give you the blueprint, you just have to work it! Best mentor hands down!

    Business Coaching Program

    Where do I start?!? This program is AMAZING for anyone wanting to bring their business to the next level. I have no doubt kins provided me the tools I need to scale my business to a million dollar company. This program had so many gems and tips that I know I would have not discovered on my own. Very grateful and definitely highly recommend!

    Arias A
    Business Coaching Program

    As a beginner in business i was so unsure of the necessary steps I needed to take. I was guided in a clear path to set me up for success. As I approach different stages of my business i know i will have a mentor there to help me. Great investment! Don't walk, run!

    Business Coaching Program