Once your application is approved, the LBK team will guide you through the program initiation. Upon approval, you'll be provided with an exclusive 40% discount code from LBK, applicable on both lbklash.com and the LBK App. This code remains valid for one year, and annual renewal of the partnership agreement requires reapplication. Please note that LBK approves a limited number of Retail Partners per city based on its size. Begin the process by completing the application form.

The LBK Retail Partners Program is designed for individuals passionate about LBK lash extension retail products, aiming to grow their business by becoming the go-to beauty supply store for local lash artists. This opportunity is available to both US residents and individuals from other countries who share a love for our products.

  • Complete the application form provided below.
  • Submission of a resale certificate is mandatory; if you don't have one, please acquire it.
  • LBK Retail Partners are subject to a minimum purchase requirement for all orders.
  • Adherence to LBK guidelines for proper storage of supplies is crucial to maintain the integrity of LBK's products; these guidelines will be furnished upon approval of your application.

Over the past four years, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting top-tier lash supplies. LBK has emerged as a leading name in the lash industry. Despite our nationwide shipping, many customers inquire about local storefronts for convenient shopping. The LBK Retail Partners Program empowers entrepreneurs to establish their own lash supply stores, offering a hassle-free alternative to sourcing, purchasing, and mitigating risks associated with unreliable suppliers.

LBK Retail Partners


Are you looking to expand and add lash extension retail to your business? LBK now offers a partnership program to salon owners, beauty supply store owners, and inspiring entrepreneurs to retail LBK products.

Looking to boost your income and become a LBK Retail Partner? Now you have the opportunity to stock LBK lash extension retail products in your salon or beauty supply store! Build your own exclusive LBK store for local lash artists and watch your business thrive.


We know how hard it can be to find high quality luxury products at a great price! We have worked extremely hard for the last 4 years developing and creating the most luxury product line on the market for you all and believe that all lash artist should be able to access them. We now offer wholesale pricing and would love to have your team, salon or school partner with us!

Please leave your contact info below and we will reach out to you <3