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    Creating beautiful lashes that dazzle our customers is what brings life and passion to lash artists—but our work doesn’t always stop there. Most lash artists are talented and driven individuals who are always looking to find more ways to support their customers. For many of us, that means offering additional perks—like great brows!


    Knowing that beautiful lashes are completely wasted if a person’s brows aren’t up to par, we have officially added brow care products to our line of beauty supplies. With our LBK brow lamination kits & products, you can make sure that the quality of your clients’ brows matches the quality of their lashes too!

    What Are LBK Brow Lamination Kits & Products?

    Let’s face it—stunning eyebrows are not going to look their best next to a pair of unruly eyebrows. When accentuating the eyes and adding beauty to the face, we have to care for our brows too. Seeing this need, we decided to bring the same commitment to high-quality products we have for lashes into the brow space. Now, we offer solutions to help you give your clients a beautiful set of brows too!

    Our LBK Brow Lamination Kits & Products

    Great brows don’t happen by accident—they need the right support. At LBK, we currently offer two different brow products to help you give your client beautiful brows to go with their gorgeous set of lashes.


    LBK Brow Supplies Include:

    Glue Balm

    What is the LBK Brow Lamination Kit?

    Our LBK Brow Lamination Kit is a kit available exclusively for beauty professionals who want to offer their clients great brows. Designed to support brow lamination, a popular alternative to microblading, this kit has everything you need to create bold, full, and fluffy brows that your clients will love.


    At LBK, we want our clients to build strong and thriving businesses with happy clients. With this kit, lash artists can now offer top-dollar brow services and add plenty of extra money to their bottom line—all with less than 20 minutes of work. Each kit offers 10 to 15 treatments and even includes instructions for correct use.


    The LBK Brow Lamination Kit Includes:

    Brow Lift Lotion
    Brow Lift Nutrition
    Brow Lift Fixation
    Brow Lift Cleanser
    Mascara Wand

    What is LBK Glue Balm?

    Our LBK Glue Balm is an alternative to traditional brow adhesives. You can use our Glue Balm as an alternative to lash lift and brow lamination adhesive for an even better experience. With a smooth consistency that glides right on, this balm is easy to use and offers a great finish.

    Why Should I Use LBK Brow Lamination Kits & Products?

    LBK is a beauty business that is built around lashes, but that doesn’t mean that we stop there. At LBK, we are looking to help you grow your business through dedicated services and a quality experience for customers. Our LBK brow supplies are made with the same quality and dedication as our lash supplies, allowing you to provide a consistent experience for your clients.

    The LBK Difference

    At LBK, we believe that there is nothing more important than improving the quality and integrity of the lash industry. For this reason, we are proud to offer lashes and accessories that meet the highest standards for quality and ease of use. As the perfect partner for our lashes, we also offer dedicated coaching and training so you can make sure that every purchase is put to good use and looks great on your clients. Our owner, Kins, is a professional lash artist with years of experience who only provides products and services that she is comfortable using herself.