Top 10 Black Friday Lash Supplies to Stock Up On

Black Friday isn't just about snagging the latest gadgets or fashion finds; it's also the perfect time for lash artists to replenish their toolkit and elevate their craft. As the shopping season approaches, let's delve into the top 10 Black Friday lash supplies that every lash artist should consider stocking up on for a year of flawless lash applications.

  1. Eyelash Extensions:

Black Friday is the ideal occasion to invest in a fresh supply of eyelash extensions. Whether you prefer classic, volume, or hybrid lashes, many suppliers offer exclusive deals on high-quality extensions during this shopping extravaganza. This is your chance to diversify your collection with different lengths, curls, and thicknesses to cater to a broader range of client preferences.



  1. Premade or Promade Lashes:

For lash artists who appreciate efficiency without compromising quality, premade or promade lashes are a game-changer. Take advantage of Black Friday deals to stock up on these pre-fanned lashes. They not only save time during application but also ensure a consistent and stunning lash look for your clients.

  1. Fiber Tip Tweezers:

Precision is key in the lash world, and fiber tip tweezers offer that extra finesse needed for delicate work. Seek out Black Friday deals on these specialized tweezers to enhance your lash application techniques. The fine tip allows for meticulous lash isolation and precise placement, ensuring a seamless and professional finish.


  1. Professional Grade Lash Adhesive:

No lash artist's toolkit is complete without a reliable adhesive. Black Friday presents an excellent opportunity to restock on professional-grade lash adhesives. Look for formulas with a perfect balance of bonding strength, drying time, and minimal fumes. A dependable adhesive contributes to long-lasting lash applications and satisfied clients.

  1. Lash Primer:

Lash primer is a secret weapon for ensuring optimal lash retention and longevity. Take advantage of Black Friday deals to invest in a quality lash primer that aids in preparing the natural lashes for extensions. This crucial step promotes better adhesion and contributes to a flawless lash application.

  1. Lash Tape:

Clean and precise workspaces are essential for every lash artist. Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on lash tape, an indispensable tool for isolating lashes during application. Look for hypoallergenic and gentle tapes to ensure client comfort and a smooth application process.

  1. Lash Bonder:

For clients seeking extended lash retention, a lash bonder is a must-have. Black Friday deals often include discounts on these sealants, providing an opportunity to enhance the longevity of lash extensions. A quality lash bonder not only seals the adhesive but also nourishes and protects the lashes.

  1. Lash Training:

Investing in continuous education is crucial for staying at the forefront of the lash industry. Black Friday brings exclusive deals on online courses and training programs. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting, consider enrolling in a lash training program to refine your skills, learn new techniques, and stay updated on industry trends.

  1. Lash Mentoring or Coaching:

Level up your lash game by investing in personalized mentoring or coaching sessions. Black Friday often brings discounts on one-on-one coaching, providing valuable insights, feedback, and guidance tailored to your specific needs. This is an excellent opportunity to receive expert advice and take your lash artistry to new heights.

  1. Lash Ebook:

Expand your knowledge base with a comprehensive lash ebook. Black Friday deals might include discounts on digital resources covering topics from lash artistry techniques to business strategies. An ebook is a convenient way to access valuable information at your own pace, making it an excellent addition to your professional development toolkit.



As Black Friday approaches, lash artists have the golden opportunity to elevate their artistry by snagging these top 10 lash supplies. From extensions and premade lashes to specialized tools and educational resources, this shopping season is your ticket to a year of unparalleled lash excellence. So, gear up for a lash wonderland and make the most of the Black Friday deals to enhance your craft and delight your clients with breathtaking lash transformations. Happy lashing!

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