.07 Easy Fan Lashes Luxury Collection L+ Curl

.07 Easy Fan Lashes Luxury Collection L+ Curl

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Never done before! First ever Easy Fan L+ Curl lashes from our Luxury Collection.

Our Luxury Collection L+ Curl .07 Easy Fan lash trays, you can quickly, easily and efficiently hand make volume fans. Our easy fan lash collections are designed with 2 layers so the lashes are more dense and a glue base of only 0.5mm compared to competitors with a 1mm. If you are struggling to make volume/mega fans, struggle with timing or just simply enjoy lashing smarter not harder than our easy fan collections will not disappoint. We supply the best easy fan lashes on the market!



Kins has mastered the perfect Easy Fan Lash and it cannot be matched. Our new dark matte lashes are extremely soft and the easiest to work with! Perfect for all levels of Artists- never struggle again to make perfect fans, with minimal adhesive at the base, our Luxury collection will exceed all your expectations! These easy fanning lashes fan out like a dream, give a deep dark look that all your clients are searching for and are always cruelty free.


-Now 18 lines per tray

-Foil backs

-Dark black/matte


 Wholesale pricing available please email cass@lashesbykins.com


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