"That Girl" Bundle

"That Girl" Bundle

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LBK LASHES LBK LASHES Supplies "That Girl" Bundle

Ready for the perfect bond, maxed retention perfect lash spikes and no more worrying about your glue working in uncontrollable environments? We proudly bring you "That Girl" bundle of your dream Glue Mate and Seal The Deal together are guaranteed to make your job so much easier!


Seal The Deal Bonder & Spike Gel 5ml

Our Lash Bonder was designed to help cure the adhesive while keeping the lashes intact and healthy at the same time. Seal The Deal not only creates a super bond it also nourishes the NL giving them a more charming and luxurious look and doubles as a gel for volume spikes!

Glue Mate Curing Solution 10ml 

 Glue Mate was designed to make your lashing experience easier and faster by its ability to speed up curing time in uncontrollable conditions. when your humidity gets too low or too high Glue Mate is there to give you a hand! It supports a stronger bond for your adhesives and will illuminate any glue phenomenon that may occurring from watery eyes. 

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