The Essential Bundle

The Essential Bundle

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LBK LASHES LBK LASHES The Essential Bundle

The Essential Bundle is a bundle of 4 ebooks that will elevate your lash knowledge and increase your income with exclusive and detailed information!

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Styling & Mapping ebook:

• 19 detailed lash maps, designed to meet the needs of all clients
• 4 different styles (Spiky, tapered cateye, cat eye & doll eye)
• variations for each style, facial structure, placement and direction, curl diameter and lengths for each.


retention ebook:

Retention is one of the most under-talked about subjects in our industry. It’s also a topic that is unclear to a lot of lash artist around the world who unfortunately struggle with how to graps such an important element to their business. In part III of the Lash Bible, i am revealing the ins and outs of retention and how you can maximize it. Helping to make sure that every lash artist around the world understands completely and throughly what retention is and how you can guarantee it to every client that comes to you. This is the knowledge that will change your business. Uncover the secrets to ultimate retention through this e-book! Discover what retention is, how it can be maximized, and the protocols and products that can influence it. You'll also learn what steps to avoid, as well as how to prepare clients for optimal results.. Arm yourself with the knowledge to achieve perfect retention with The Lash Bible.

adhesive 101 ebook: 

in order for you to work at your full potential as an artist you must fully understand the one product that is the core to your business. Our adhesives are small but mighty and unless you know how to manipulate and make that glue work optimal levels you will always struggle with your craft. Don’t let the fear of the unknown mess with your success and longer. I have put together part II so that you don’t ever question adhsieve again and you can now lash with complete confidence in the products you work with every single day.

What's included:

• detailed break down of adhesives on a chemical level.
• understand perfectly how to manipulate your adhesives and environments so that you never question adhesive ever again.
• allergies, humidity, storage and functionality 

ever wonder how to ACTUALLY get legit business credit or why & what the benefits of it are? Why every successful business has it? I got you covered, this course teaches you how to set your business up as an LLC & obtain business credit! just like business credit, forming your business as an llc is very beneficial to you and your business, find out WHY and HOW to protect your business and gain financial leverage all in part 4! 

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